I have been a client of Redlyn’s for almost 3 years now.


I can say categorically that I would not have kept coming back for that amount of time if there were not something profound on offer from her.

The rich and varied body work she does with me gets me out of my head and into my Heart and Core Self. It’s not always pretty and nice. It is always real. Even though I have worked with myself and others for about 15 years on bringing to consciousness limiting patterns/mindsets and retrieving the associated Soul energies, my body still held old stuck energies.  Her massage is intuitive and includes a range of modalities – deep, gently healing when needed; she also does energy work as required.


Little by little I find my body is clearing and recently I experienced a remarkable event in a session with Redlyn. Something ‘held’ in my body finally LET GO and I knew afterwards that this letting go saved me from having a heart attack! This has been verified.


Redlyn is highly gifted in connecting with higher dimensional reality and when she does so I invariably get a sense of the truth of her connection.


Noelene Kelly, M.A, Dip. Ed

Transformational Coach and Shamanic practitioner


Redlyn Parker is one of the most powerful healers I have experienced. I have been on a healing journey now for five years and have consulted many different practitioners to seek help.

I have been a client of Redlyn’s for two years. Although I initially went for an intuitive massage, Redlyn has provided other appropriate modalities for my care including energy work and breath work.

She has assisted me to move blocked energies in my body and helped me embrace a new chapter in my life – the transition to becoming an energy healer. Not only did she address what was presenting in my physical body, she was also a valuable guide for deep spiritual transformation.

Her breath work, in particular, is exceptional. Utilizing breath, sound and essential oils, she assists me into a full state of relaxation. From that space, she is able to help me access deep emotional blockages that have been there since childhood. Her soft caring manner provides reassurance in what can be sometimes be confronting realizations for me.

My two years with her regular massages have been incredibly supportive on my healing journey and I believe her work has been one of the keys to my improved health.


Karen Bowller – Freelance Writer and Energy Healer


Redlyn is the most nurturing, deeply loving, deeply healing, unique healer I have experienced on this planet.  I have traveled the world over for my entire life and experienced many a "massage" (in almost every corner of the world) 


I have never experienced the depth of love, healing, nurturing, and transcendence with anyone else as I have with Redlyn.  

My greatest challenge in my constant travel is to not have Redlyn available to me

for my regular hands on healing!


Redlyn is a natural born healer/therapist, having come from a lineage of healers she has created a life of great pain and suffering to journey through the alchemy required in order to self heal therefore heal others.


This to me alone gives Redlyn the title of a "Powerful Therapist" her intuitive abilities to "tune in" to what's happening with you is her great gift.  Through her deeply sensitive emotional self she is able to feel everything herself, from this place she heals through her connectivity to you as the one.



Catherina O’Gorman Founder and CEO

Think Love University

"Empowers You To Live The Truth Of Who You Are..."



I have chronic neck pain and a wonkey neck exacerbated by daily computer work. Over the months Redlyn has shifted so much of this pain. She has extraordinary strength and precision guided by great intuition and compassion. She is nothing short of the best massage therapist I have ever been to.


Historian and Film researcher


Throughout the time I have been attending sessions with Redlyn, I have experienced a profound journey of healing, a clearing of past issues and releasing of blockages, bringing more clarity and self empowerment to my life. Redlyn provides a beautiful, nurturing and safe space for her work.

With her heart-centred, intuitive bodywork and abilities to tune into the energetic realms she has supported me through different levels of releasing and healing experiences, always in a holistic way nourishing my body and being.


Social worker


My sessions with Redlyn are based around wanting to get the most from my life. To do this I feel I have to explore how my body and brain store and use memories, energy and pain.

During our sessions I have become very emotional and physically present, this can be uncomfortable and with some swearing and tears.

The outcome is a feeling of body and brain connection. This becomes very rewarding in the days and months following the session. A long-term project as is life!


Fashion designer



I have known Redlyn for 5 years and have chosen her as my favourite masseuse. Redlyn has technical ability combined with intuitive skills when massaging. She has a deep understanding of the body in all its varying conditions, on both a physical and emotional level.

I have found whatever state I am in prior to a massage with her I come out feeling both regenerated and quietened in myself.

Redlyn is both compassionate and professional and I highly recommend her.

Emma Rooney

Artist and Mother of Three






My life purpose is to soulfully empower people on their courageous journey to transformation


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