The Sacred smudge spray was developed specifically to assist with  the purification of Sacred space and to assisit in daily energy purification practices. This blend also assists with headaches, negative thinking and feelings of "stuckness" and can help create an open spaciousness in the mind.

Organic essential oils of Sacred Francinsence, Hawaiin Sandalwood, Purivian Palo Santo, Sage, Myrrh, Crystal essences, Clear Quartz and Flower Essences., Black boy and Flannel Flower all blended with wild Blue Mountains Spring water and heart felt good wishes to purify your space and your own energy body.

Perfect for practitioners or spaces for sacred work

Spray Sacred smudge spray before and after any daily practice of meditation, yoga, breathwork etc to assist in clearing your mind and your space. You can use it throughout the day to help bring a breath of fresh air into your world. Enjoy!

Sacred Smudge Aura and Space Spray

  • These unique products are made with the utmost care and love, using only the BEST organic ingredients made in small batches in the pristine Blue Mountains.

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