Song Lines Natural perfume pays homage to the original custodians of this beautiful land and is grateful for the ancient wisdom. Song Lines is a blend of Organic essential oils including:  Myrrh, Cypress, Angelica, Sacred frankinsence, Lemon, Tangerine, Royal Hawain Sandalwood. With Flower and Crystal essences

Song Lines blend is formulated to assist you with speaking, singing, expressing your own truth. This blend helps support your voice and resonates with the colour Blue.

Native Spirit Perfumes are medicinal quality. we use all organic ingredients, Including organic jojoba oil, Vitamin E, organic Essential oils and House made Flower and Crystal essences.

Our perfumes are made to help care for your body all day every day.

Our Natural scents are infused with essences to help support and lighten any emotional, physical or mental changes that may be happening.

There are 7 different scents relating to your 7 different energy systems throughout your body.

Song Lines Natural Perfume

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