Professional Breathwork Training Level 1

Professional Breathwork training in the Blue Mountains


Become a Practitioner

In order to support lasting change in our clients and become a successful  Practitioner, we must focus on our own inner work This Training is designed to work from within! The bulk of the learning in Level 1 is a deep dive into your own psyche, ego, trauma and strengths, to learn from a deep experience of yourself what is holding you back, blocking you and sabotaging your efforts at an unconscious level.



















You will learn:

  • ​How our Birth informs the rest of our lives

  • How our Parents/Familiar Lineage imprints who we are 

  • Belief systems formed in childhood

  • School trauma

  • Religious trauma

  • Unconscious thought patterns and fears that stop you from living.

  • How to breath a continual connected breathing technique for an hour

  • How to facilitate another in an hour long connected breathing session

  • Spiritual purification practices of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

Course Structure:

  • Module 1 -Theory of Emotional suppression- partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 2 -Parental patterns- partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 3 -Childhood- Partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 4 -Personal Law- Partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 5 -School trauma- Partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 6 -Death Urge- Partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 7- Physical Immortality - Partnered Breathing swaps

  • Module 8- Spiritual Purification practices- Partnered Breathing Swap

  • Module 9 -Treasure Mapping, Breathwork techniques- Partnered Breathing swap

  • Module 10- 5 year life plan- Partnered Breathing swap.

Graduation level 1

What past participants have said about this training:

"This was a very powerful journey of exploring the conditioning of my mind....I grew up with social anxiety after having some very traumatic experiences at school.

Redlyn is gentle, grounded, structured and offers a spiritual presence which adds another dimension to the course. I feel my self power increasing. Thank you for this beautiful loving space." Viktoria. Mother

"I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this training exceeded and super seeded my expectations. I learnt so much about myself, consciously and subconsciously. I was challenged, my beliefs about myself and what is 'real' have been changed". Zoe, Entrepreneur 

'The Rebirthing Breathwork training course has been the best and most loving training I have experienced and has changed my life. I was carrying heavy burdens in my heart and feeling low in spirit. I now find myself feeling joyful and I have begun to reduce in my bodily weight. I have a deeper understanding of birth trauma, my energy body and how to breath correctly taking in Prana. Thank you for helping bring back my will to enjoy life again and teaching me ways to continue on my journey" Eva, Teacher

"This Breathwork training with Redlyn has been a platform to explore ideas and concepts I've known my whole life but haven't had access to.

The opportunity to explore life, my past and future and present with this much openness and clarity is a gift I wouldn't trade. Redlyn is directly connected to deep wisdom, she explains with clarity the inexplainable. I am deeply grateful to have done this training." Sam, Permaculture Teacher

It's an immediately deep, intensive, one-on-one guided meditation process that facilitates the release of long-held, suppressed emotions/trauma. Every week I go and breathe and bawl like a baby for reasons largely unknown - but what I do know, is that the effect of these sessions has been more profound and immediate than any other healing/inquiring modality (yoga,meditation etc) I've ever tried. I come away feeling lighter, less reactive, more loving - less a prisoner of repetitive, subconscious patterns. As it slowly and steadily facilitates these things, it also perpetuates the repair of my relationships with others. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking to get under the skin of things and into the marrow of your very bones. Rachael, Singer

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