What is Breathwork?   

Breathwork is an intentional and connected breathing technique amazingly simple in its approach yet can deliver profound results such as:

- Greater presence in all areas of your life.
- Greater self love, and therefore love for others.
- More clarity and ability to powerfully move in your life's true direction.

- Relief from oppressive emotions and negative thoughts.

- Relief from physical pain.

- Having an expanded bodily container for all the pleasurable feelings of life.
- Improved relationships with loved ones and the greater community.

- Deeper connection with your creative/sexual potential.

- More connection to the Divine and Spiritual aspects of life.

Rebirthing Breathwork:

- A Deep breathing technique that assists in emotional release and deep relaxation.  

-Can provide access to suppressed memories where negative life patterns and decisions made at birth can be recognised and changed.

-Increases life force in the body to assist in making new decisions and limiting thoughts about yourself or your life.

-A ten session process in which it is possible to re-experience  and consciously integrate your first Breath.

A Breathwork session can provide:

- A safe space to express held emotions and feeling that may otherwise damage relationship to self and others.

- A place to explore belief systems you may not be aware of.

- Opportunities to consciously rewrite your belief systems.


Why do we breath mainly through the nose and not the mouth?

There are two different forms of Breathwork one is called Cathartic or Holotropic (mouth breathing), and the other is called Rebirthing (nasal breathing). Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, discovered this form of Breathwork and with the guidance of Babji, the patron of Breathwork brought it to the west. In the yogic tradition the nasal chambers, referred to as nadis, are able to separate oxygen from life force. The intelligence of the nadis sends the oxygen to the brain and sends the life force in to your body to seek out blocks, tension etc.

What does a Breathwork session look like?

In a one on one session with me, after an initial consultation, you will be guided to breathe in a connected manner through your nose for a period of one hour. Your body will experience many different sensations during the session. The breath will find areas of tension, blocked energy and emotions in your body. With my assistance you will be supported to release these blocks in as gentle a way as possible.

"Little by little I find my body is clearing and recently I experienced a remarkable event in a session with Redlyn. Something ‘held’ in my body finally LET GO and I knew afterwards that this letting go saved me from having a heart attack! This has been verified."

 "She has assisted me to move blocked energies in my body and helped me embrace a new chapter in my life" "


 "Not only did Redlyn's Breathwork address what was presenting in my body it was also a valuable guide for deep spiritual transformation"

 "Her Breathwork in particular is exceptional. Utilising breath and sound she assisted me into a full state of relaxation, from that space she is able to help me access deep emotional blockages that have been there since childhood. Her soft caring manner provides reassurance in what can sometimes be confronting realisations for me,"

"Throughout the time I have been attending sessions with Redlyn, I have experienced a profound journey of healing, a clearing of past issues and releasing of blockages, bringing more clarity and self empowerment to my life".


"Redlyn provides a beautiful, nurturing and safe space for her work.

With her heart-centred, intuitive work and abilities to tune into the energetic realms she has supported me through different levels of releasing and healing experiences, always in a holistic way nourishing my body and being".

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