About Redlyn:

I came to be a Breathwork therapist after years of my own therapeutic Journey with the breath where I witnessed and embodied my own transformation into a more present and emotionally centred person. I have studied and participated in many different forms of Breathwork and am now a highly trained and skilled Breathwork therapist, Bodywork therapist, Crystal Dreaming therapist, a Tantra Breath group facilitator, Creative Artist, Mother, Entrepreneur and Adventurer.

I have always had  a deep inquiring spirit, and a desire to know myself in the truest and most expansive way possible. I come from a lineage of 'Wild Women" who taught me to walk to the beat of my own drum, I regularly sat with my Grandmother whilst she would use her hands to soothe and sometimes heal people with terminal illnesses. She had a thick grey plait that hung down to her thighs and I knew she was different. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to offer your love to another through touch. This led me to study and participate in many different healing and creative modalities over a period of 30 years.

 A bit about the modalities I work with:


Is a deeply held and gentle connected-breathing technique to release blocked, held or unconscious emotions, energies and thoughts that may be holding you back from enjoying a life of liberation and connection. This technique can assist in freeing the flow of creative energy or life force in your body to give you more clarity, presence and direction.

 Rebirthing Breathwork:

Founded by Leonard Orr. Is a ten session journey to re-experience your first breath, your journey through childhood into adulthood. We will explore childhood experiences that have informed your view and therefore experience of the world and people in your life. It can give you the opportunity to see clearly the unconscious thoughts and psychological patterning that has influenced your life until now and clear this patterning to make way for new and conscious beliefs.

 Tantra Breath:

Is a technique specifically to help move sexual energy, (also called life force or creative energy), up and through the energy centres of your body. We work from your base connection with the magnetic force of the earth and slowly week by week move up through each power centre or chakra with the breath, addressing and unblocking any stagnancy present in each individual centre, to allow a flow of energy that brings clarity, joy and  sensuous enjoyment into your body. This work is available one on one or in a group.

 Crystal Dreaming Meditative Journeys: 

Are a gentle yet powerful tool to explore and clear other life, genetic or ancestral memories.  I will guide you to a deep yet present state where you will connect, see and talk with spirit guides and your higher wise self. You will explore your life path, purpose and connect more deeply with your own mastery. The Journey is assisted by a specifically designed High vibrational Crystal mandala.

 Soul session coaching:

This is an extensive session where we will work together to map out a practical life plan for you to move forward with. We will engage many tools to understand where you're at in your life and why, such as Breathwork, Tarot, Numerology, intelligent questionnaire and more depending on your specific needs,  This will help us determine how you got there and help you to get clear on where you want to go to next. We will create a workable plan for you to follow and support you to stay on track with follow up mentoring. (This session includes  a two and a half hour one on one session and three half hour Skype mentoring sessions).

 My experience:

I have spent time with whom I consider masters of their modalities such as Shantam Nityama with whom I learnt Tantra breath and body work, Leonard Orr with whom I studied Rebirthing, Pauline Win my Breathwork Mentor and dear friend, Sarah Jane Singing Raven whom I have had the privilege of sitting in sweat lodge, sacred medicine circles and sacred feminine power teachings from the Lakota tribes of North America.

I have trained extensively in Deep connected Body work, Tantric and Kundalini Breath, Cathartic Breathwork and Rebirthing Breathwork, Ayurvedic treatment, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Counselling and Massage.

I have also trained extensively in creative and visual art such as Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Silversmithing, Leatherwork, Props design for film and much more.

I have been a practicing therapist for over 10 years, have run my own thriving healing centre and have held sacred healing space for hundreds of people.

My own personal healing journey has led me to participate in many healing modalities throughout my life including Somatic Counselling, Family constellation, Tantric Body work, Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Sacred feminine group work, Sweat lodge, year long personal Breath Work Therapy and many more. 

My journey toward self love has taken me to the very edge of comfort and each time I come back from that edge stronger and with a deeper faith and trust in my spirit my purpose and my connection to the divine.


I am grateful to be of service and full-fill my life's purpose

My purpose in life is to soulfully empower people on their courageous journey to transformation.

"Redlyn is highly gifted in connecting with higher dimensional reality and when she does so I invariably get a sense of the truth of her connection".

"During our sessions I have become very emotional and physically present, this can be uncomfortable and with some swearing and tears.

The outcome is a feeling of body and brain connection. This becomes very rewarding in the days and months following the session".

"I can say categorically that I would not have kept coming back for that amount of time if there were not something profound on offer from her".

"I have never experienced the depth of love, healing, nurturing, and transcendence with anyone else as I have with Redlyn.

My greatest challenge in my constant travel is not to have Redlyn available to me for my regular healing!" 

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